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Holy Crap! We have a real mailing list 5 years later!

It is our pleasure to announce that we are taking pre-orders for Capsule No Ghost and The Two Funerals Boy's Club records, and additionally No Ghost has been digitally released as of today.  You can buy it from Itunes here.  Read below for more details or go straight to our webstore to score a pre-order now.  The Rorschach Web Store will be under major renovation over the next couple of weeks in the best possible way.  Up until now we have been adding and subtracting items using basic html, which has led to slow new additions and is a pain in the ass.  We finally took the time to start transferring the store into a database, which will allow us to consistently add new releases from other labels to our distro.  Also by the end of summer we will be getting rid of postage paid prices and being adding postage by weight which will lower cost to all of our records!






Miami's Capsule are making their Rorschach debut with their second full length LP No Ghost.   Recorded throughout 2010, by guitarist Ryan Hafft, Capsule laid out 12 crucial tracks that live up to all of their past releases.   In 2008 Robotic Empire released the band's first LP Blue which sat on the turntables at Rorschach Headquarters for months, so needless to say we are stoked to be a part of this release, you can still pick that up at the Robotic Empire Webstore.  Capsule have some history with the label touring with other Rorschach alumni over the years including Brainworms and Snacktruck.   You can stream the whole album at Decibel.


We also already have some awesome reviews for No Ghost:


No Ghost is relentlessly catchy, a collection of post-hardcore freakouts and math rock seizures reassembled with immensely pleasing results." - MetalSucks


"With only a couple of releases under their belt, the Miami trio has developed a

great formula. Maniacally playing with and against each other, they demand your

attention to detail. A fluid combination of cross-eyed songwriting and

methodical execution, the band’s precision is all that keeps the tangle of riffs

and time changes from giving you vertigo." - Decibel Magazine


"A band that has always impressed with over-the-top technicality piles hooks into their math-y post-hardcore to great effect. Dig on exhibit A from No Ghost, 'Neuralize So Numb'" - BrooklynVegan



We are teaming up with European label Moment of Collapse, who recently put out Capsule's split with Furnace, to release No Ghost transcontinentally.  800 copies total will be produced for both labels with this breakdown:


300 Grey Marble

500 Black




To celebrate this milestone release for us we teamed up with one of our favorite Richmond artist Tyler Thomas (Dead to Me, Brainworms, Cuppabean, Mouthbreather)  to make a brand new t-shirt for the band.  Entitled Rick Rick Bird Dude, this shirt is printed by Triple Stamp Press and comes on a grey t-shirt.  You can  score these shirts in our webstore or from the band directly on tour.  Check out Tyler's Artwork.


For those ordering the record directly from us, we have a couple of options for packages in the store.


-LP+CD - Similar to the band's past release Blue, if you choose No Ghost will come with a CD version

-LP/Digital - You will receive a download code prior to the shipping of your order, and your record will not come with a CD

-LP+CD+T-Shirt  $20 in the US gets you everything!




Look for No Ghost in stores or your mail box sometime in May.


You can check out selections from No Ghost directly at the Rorschach Bandcamp or Capsule Bandcamp.


Capsule will be doing the second leg of their US tour starting next week dig it:



April 14- Miami,FL@ The Cave

April 15-Tampa,FL @ Transitions

April 16-Ocean Springs, MS @ Squeaky Lizard

April 17 - New Orleans, LA @ Dragons Den

April 18 - Houston, TX @ Mangos

April 19 - Austin, TX @ Baby Blue

April 20 - Oklahoma City, OK @ Bad Grannys

April 22 - Phoenix, AZ @ Sound Kontrol

April 23 - San Diego, CA @ Che Cafe

April 24 - Los Angeles. CA @ Blvd Cafe

April 25 - Ventura, CA @ Zoeys Cafe

April 26 - Oakland, CA @ Hazmat

April 27 - San Francisco, CA @ Five Points Art House

April 28 - Portland, OR @ Red and Black Cafe

April 29 - Seattle, WA @ The Black Lodge

April 30 - Vancouver, BC @ Garbage Mountain

May 1 - Victoria, BC @ Legendary Castle

May 3 -Salt Lake City @ Shred Shed

May 4 - Denver, CO @ Blast-o-mat

May 5 - Omaha, NE @ The Manor

May 6 - St Louis, MO @ Cranky Yellow

May 7 - Atlanta, GA @ The Shadow Gallery






Richmond's THE TWO FUNERALS are making their Rorschach debut this month as well with their new EP, "Boy's Club".  "Boy's Club" was recorded by Lance Kohler (Brainworms, Government Warning, Pink Razors) at Minimum Wage Studios, and features new art from Lauren Denunitzo (The Measure [SA], Black and Red Eye) created exclusively for this EP.

On "Boy's Club" THE TWO FUNERALS play tightly crafted post-rock.    Fans of Dischord releases will definitely be reminded of the signature DC sound that dominated releases there in the late 90s.  The record also confronts sexism in the punk scene head on and the challenges that come with being some of the few girls (when compared to the number of dudes) actively playing in a punk band.   

This EP features members of Flechette and Field Day.  Additionally , THE TWO FUNERALS will be going on a spring tour with KyleWilliam of imadethismistake… dates are listed below:



4/21 - @ 1623 - VIRGINIA BEACH with imadethismistake and Little Foot







You can order this record in the Rorschach Store or on the Rorschach Bandcamp, where you can get the O'brien special where you score a Field Day 7" too!


Worn in Red/Mouthbreather Split


This record is finally going to be seeing the light of day!  We are super stoked to announce that Sean Mahan(Floor, Twelve Hour Turn) has provided artwork for the release and we just need to put the finishing touches on it.  Look for this around June.


Best Friends Day 10


Rorschach Records has been involved with Best Friends Day for a couple of years now, and we are all super stoked on this year's line up. Bands playing this year include Converge, Against Me, PG 99, 7 Seconds, Baroness, Off With Their Heads, Corrosion of Conformity, Strike Anywhere,Capsule, Worn in Red and helluva lot more. For More info check out the Best Friends Day website.  Tickets for the Friday night Converge/PG99/Strike Anywhere Show are available here.  If your label, zine, business, would like to take an add out in our guidebook please contact us directly at rorschachrecords at


Awesome news in this update, the new Amateur Party record will be out this January,Details on Capsules new full length, and info about the Two Funerals and Worn In Red/Mouthbreather records.  Also don't forget this weekend is the last to purchase records through our holiday sale.  2 x LPs $20 ppd!  We also have been working diligently on the Rorschach Bandcamp.  This will probably be the best place to check out new releases in their entirely!


Amateur Party Truncheons in the Manor Pre-Order

Truncheons in the Manor is the first Lp by Philadelphia's Amateur Party in 3 years and their first full length ever. The band recorded 10 tracks using this Yamaha MX88 with drummer Steve Roche between 2009-2010 to make this opus of an album. The band has an all-star line up of Philadelphia musicians that have played in Armalite, Off Minor, Kill the Man Who Questions and more but really stands on its own without a resume. Amateur Party Similar to their style reminiscent of Reggae Punk/Post Punk on their previous releases the band develops their sound even further to maker their best and most cohesive recording to date. Fans of The Jam, Minutemen, Ted Leo, and Kill Rock Stars bands take note, this record fits in perfectly with those of an older punk rock sound.


The Pressing info on this is

100 on Clear Vinyl

400 on Black Vinyl


You can pre-order it here.  All pre-orders will get a download of the album in advance.



Capsule No Ghost LP/CD to be released this Spring


 We are so stoked to announce that we will be releasing the second full length from Miami's Capsule titled No Ghost this spring. The band recorded 10 new tracks with guitarist(using this Fender guitar) Ryan Haft at Miami's Dungeon during the fall of 2010.  The record will be released in Europe by Moment of Collapse records and will come as CD/LP combo.  The band last released a self-titled collection of rarities and unreleased material on Robotic Empire and a split 7" with bros Furnace on Moment of Collapse


The record is finished but needs to be mastered, look for more news on this in 2011.  Capsules last LP Blue was one of my favorite heavy records of 2008, if you haven't had a chance to check it out you can pick it up at Robotic Empire


The Two Funerals - Boy's Club EP

The Two Funerals have just finished recording their one-sided LP "Boys Club" with Lance Kohler (Government Warning, Pink Razors, Brainworms).  These three new songs are currently being mastered by Carl Saff.  Look for this to be released Spring 2011.  The band will be playing next with Lemuria in Richmond on January 13.


Worn In Red/Mouthbreather - Split 7"


This record is almost ready to go just waiting on the art.  You can preview songs on the Rorschach bandcamp site.  Over seas folks Worn in Red are coming to Europe in 2011 go check em out!

Maintaining a news section on a website is very hard apparently. So here are our updates on various bands


We finally got some time to put together a little write up about what is going on at Rorschach these days, between Best Friends Day, Everyone and their mother getting married things have had to be toned down the last couple of months, but we got a great line up of releases lined up to fill out the year/early 2011.


We are going to be at the Fest this year at the Friday event.  All 7"s will be $5 or 3 for $10!



Amateur Party-Truncheons in the Manor


It’s not every day you get to put out a record by a band who’s previous record lived on your turntable for months.  Philadelphia’s Amateur Party have been keeping it chill over the past couple of years playing sparse shows, but recording a new full length that is easily their best work to date. 


The band features current and ex members of Armalite, Off Minor, Yo Man Go, Kill the Man That Questions and more just to name a few, and plays punk/indie awesomeness in the vein of the Minutemen, The Jam and Ted Leo. 


The record is already available on Itunes , and other digital outlets.  We should be going to press very shortly on the vinyl, once the art is finished.  Like the Blackest Night we were able to resurrect are good friends at Golden Brown to co-release this record together!.


You can check out the first track of the record On College Kids and Gang Signs on the Rorschach Facebook


This will be the first non-Richmond band that Rorschach will have done a full length for!


Worn in Red/Mouthbreather-Split 7”


Both bands have recorded their sides to the record and it sounds sick.  Worn in Red’s side sounds like they went through a time warp back to Harrisonburg, Va circa 1997 and Mouthbreather’s side sounds like a whole new band and reminds me of some of the current Bridge9 roster.


The record is in the mastering process and is expected to be out when it is cold as shit out!


The Two Funerals-Boys Club 7”


The Ladies and Gent are going to be touring the south around Fest and then will be hitting the studio to cut the tracks. 


The band will have a track on the upcoming Women in Pop Punk comp on Paper and Plastik


Check out this sweet article with the band in Richmond’s Style Weekly




Other releases in the works


Ultra Dolphins Old Bits will become a physical piece of material one day, check out Alien Baby if you haven’t already!


There are some talks of some crucial records in the works but until we got something to work with we will keep it under wraps!


Brainworms Last Show T-Shirt in our online store




The band had a couple of shirts left over from Best Friends Day commemorating their departure.  Our good friend Tyler Thomas did a killer job with the art on these bad boys. 

You can find them in the Rorschach Online Store



The distro has a couple of new additions but not enough to make a big deal about it, look out for a big list in the next couple of weeks

In this update we have the new Ultra Dolphins record, the last Brainworms shirts, our new release schedule and more!

We have been holding off on officially announcing the arrival of Ultra Dolphins Alien Baby but now today we are stoked to say it is out! If you want to skip all the gibber jabber you can go straight to our online store, you can also order the record off Itunes, and the cd is available from Exotic Fever. If you are a retailer Ebullition, No Idea, ILC and many more distributors to come all have the record or will be receiving it very soon. You can also order the record straight through us. If you have ordered this record and it hasn't come in please check to see the status of it everything has gone out from us.


Ultra Dolphins
Alien Baby

Pressing Info
400 Black
200 Glow in the Dark Vinyl

Years in the making Ultra Dolphins Alien Baby is finally seeing the light of the day. Recorded throughout 2009 by Steve Roche at Permanent Hearing Damage, Alien Baby is 9 sweet new Ultra Dolphins tracks. If you are unfamiliar with Ultra Dolphins, they have been playing around Virginia for almost a decade now, playing a unique style of tunes that could be pin pointed as post hardcore, but stands alone as its own entity. Art was done by the bands long term friend Travis Robertson, and all print was done locally in Richmond. The band last released Mar on Robotic Empire in 2006 and this is their first new material since.

Also we are going to keep the order package of Field Day/Ultra Dolphins!
You can check out songs from Alien Baby here


Brainworms T-Shirts

If you have ever wanted a Brainworms shirt now is the time to get one, the band gave us all the left over shirts they had in whatever designs were around. Check out here for all sizes and shirt designs, please read carefully because some shirts are different colors than the shit picture. Brainworms will be playing their last show August 21st, at Hadads Lake for Best Friends Day.

The Two Funerals to release Boy's Club 7"

We are stoked to announce that we will be releasing Richmond's The Two Funeral's new 7", called "boys' club". Dominique Montgomery and Shannon Le Corre, longtime members, will be joined by Kyler O'Brien(Field Day,Flechette) on bass. The band will be recording soon for the record and it will be out late fall/early winter.

The band started in Blacksburg in 2004, with original members Shannon, Dom and Abby, while in high school. Since their inception, the band has written tight, catchy punk songs that are unafraid to be feminist, political and personal. Their last 7", Tell Yr Story, was released in 2008 on Cottage Records, and will be contributing a track to the Women in Punk Rock Comp on Paper+Plastick later this year.

Check them out here

New Release Update

Worn in Red/Mouthbreather-Split 7"
Worn in Red just recorded in Johnson City, TN, and Mouthbreather is in the process of recording at Planet Red as we write this. Look for MP3s soon and OktoberFEST release. If you don't know these awesome Virginia bands Mouthbreather just dropped a 10" on Adagio and a 7" with EYC with us! Worn in Red just released one of the most bad ass record on No Idea as of late last fall!

Worn in Red

 Amateur Party-New LP
We have the recording in our hands and it rules! Hopefully this guys will be out by OktoberFEST! Amateur Party features non amateurs playing pop punk with a chiller edge? The band features folks from Armalite, Off Minor, Kill the Man that Questions, and more. They last released a 7" on Paramensia that was easily one of my favorite records of last year.  These dudes will be making an appearance at Best Friends Day here at homebase at the Sunday show.

Check them out here

Ultra Dolphins-Old Bits

Old Ultra Dolphins recording reissued! This jammer will go into production sometime in the fall

Best Friends Day
Other than being a funeral for us this year, Best Friends Day is looking to be killer Propagandi, Negative Approach, Municipal Waste, Banner Pilot, Algernon Cadawallder, Government Warning and many more will be playing. Check it out here

There have been some items in the distro but not a big of enough to list to update, browse through though we will be adding lots of items for the rest of the summer.

Release Schedule

Out Now
Ror-12Ultra Dolphins-Alien Baby LP
The future Ultra Dolphins - Old Bits 7" (reissue of hard to find Ultra Dolphins tracks) Amateur Party - Untitled LP(Split with Paramensia) Worn in Red/Mouthbreather Split 7" The Two Funerals-Boys' Club 7"

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